Kamis, 13 April 2023

Pisau fillet tramontina knife seri fish 6" original kode 26053/106

Pisau fillet tramontina seri fish 6" original 26053/106 Rp. 146.000,-

Pisau fillet tramontina seri fish dengan manufacturer's Item Code : 26053/106
ini memiliki bilah flexible dengan panjang 6" yang terbuat dari inox stainless steel brazil. Dilengkapi
Handle dan sarung dengan material polyproplyne. Yang menarik dari pisau ini adalah pada bagian sarung sudah dilengkapi dengan alat asah. sehingga jika pisau mengalami penurunan ketajaman sewaktu waktu mudah untuk mengembalikan ketjamannya.

Brand Name : Tramontina
Model Name : fillet knife
Manufacturer's Item Code : 26053-106
Blade length : 6"
Blade type : flexible blade
Blade Material : inox stainless steel brazil
Handle Material : Polyproplyne
Country of Origin : Brazil

6 '' stainless steel blade with smooth wire.
Polypropylene cable injected directly onto blade shank.
Polypropylene sheath with sharpener.

Safe and proper use:
Your knife is a cutting tool, do not use it for improper purposes. Always keep sharp. Avoid procedures that could damage the cord. Wash and dry your knife before storing. Keep the scabbard clean and dry.
Cutting and perforating product. Be careful when handling and keeping out of reach of children.
Product Benefits

1. Tramontina has developed the new line of Fish Knives. Innovating in design and with differentiated materials, it guarantees safety and satisfaction in the use of professional equipment for the practice of fishing.
2. Blade with longer thread life due to heat treatment.
3. Polypropylene cable, has much more strength and durability.
4. T-inox is exclusive to Tramontina in the treatment and preparation of stainless steel present in the new line of sports knives.
5. T-flex is the unique technology developed by Tramontina that allows for maximum blade flexibility, allowing for distinct cuts and handling, as well as easy filleting.
6. X-cut is the sharpening system integrated into the unique Tramontina polypropylene sheath to facilitate knife sharpening.
7. Polypropylene sheath with sharpener.
8. Modern and differentiated design.
9. You can go to the dishwasher.
10. Remains beautiful for much longer.